This is a way for me to tell the world (or more realistically the one or two people who are interested) about my allotment in Darlington, England. An honest account of two people’s attempt to grow some fruit and vegetables, relieve the stresses of working life, get some exercise, and meet some other like minded individuals. If you have any comments or advice, feel free to leave it here…



  1. Ooo, im interested 🙂
    Ill be back…

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for your comment that you left on my blog site way back in June! I didn’t discover it until August as I’m fairly new to all this and didn’t know how to find it. Anyway I was just about to abandon the blog as I didn’t think anyone had read it, but your encouraging comment inspired me to continue. However I don’t seem to have had any visitors since and wondered if you would consider putting me on your blogroll to encourage a few more? Would love to be part of the allotment blog ‘community’ !

  3. Your brocoli looks realy good,we have been enjoying ours to .Our rubarb is not as good as yours we have some curley kale cooked with a liittle water and vinegar it tastes good. A huge slug ate all Dads Dalias in the greenhouse.horroh!

  4. Hello,

    We have moved here from the US and I am trying hard to find an allotment to no avail – would you have any advice regarding the many waiting lists, procedures on how to get an allotment in Darlington? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Silke. You’ve probably already visited this page – http://www.darlington.gov.uk/Environment/EstatesProperty/Allotments.htm . It’s where I started looking for my allotment. Once you have the telephone number of the person in charge you’ll just have to phone and hope they have a spare plot. There are bound to be waiting lists so the quicker you join the quicker you’ll get a plot. Some sites have longer waiting lists than others, so it depends on where you are looking as to how long you will have to wait. If you are willing to take half a plot, or work on an overgrown plot then you may get a plot much more quickly. Also it pays to be persistent. If you end up on a list I suggest you keep phoning the contact person to check if a plot has become free. All sites will prefer eager gardeners, of course.
      When I took on my plot there was no waiting list at my site. That was three years ago. Today there is a waiting list of over ten. There is much higher demand for allotments today even compared to just a few years ago.
      Good luck with your search. I’d be interested to hear how you get on.

  5. Hi Rob – Just found the link to your great blog from the allotment site. I’ve kept a sporadic photograhic record of mine since I got it but thats it…

    Will keep an eye on it from now on

    Joanne (3 plots down at the end near the fence, swim with Charlie)

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