Posted by: flat_bob | March 29, 2009

Pay day


This is the start of the third year at the plot. Last weekend we were digging the soil over ready for planting the potatoes. Unlike with previous years digging we did not encounter any weeds (well, not proper ones like couch and bramble) and there was barely any glass. It was really enjoyable to dig.

This, of course, has come as a result of two seasons of hard work. The plot was a mess when we took it over, but now it is cultivated. The soil is easy to dig; I never thought I would be saying that two years ago!

The sprouting broccoli is in flower and ready to eat. It is the most tender broccoli that I have tasted, much better than the stuff in the supermarket (which is pretty good itself). The seed for these plants was sown at about this time last year, and it has taken a lot of love and care to get the plants to this stage. We really are reaping the benefits of last years hard work, which is a great motivation to get going and invest the time again this year.



The glorious rhubarb is back, and again, this year it is better than ever. We have four strong rhubarb plants which we have looked after for the last two seasons. Careful not to pick to much last year, our self restraint has payed off as the rhubarb is growing like rockets shooting out of the ground.

Allotmenteering is delayed gratification. It’s time for payback.



  1. Well done! So nice to see the hard work paying off. I am hoping to get on top of the nettles this year so thanks for the motivation 🙂

    • Thank you Amy, and good luck with the nettles. They are such a pain. We didn’t have too many, but I vividly remember the battles we had.

  2. Your Rhubarb is looking very vigorous. I think our cold winter has actually helped mine as it is looking more lively this year. Usually it is very slow to increase in size which I’ve always put down to not having a proper cold hibernation.

  3. That purple sprouting looks really good. Was it difficult to grow?

  4. It’s an interesting theory, easygardener. It’s certainly had a long cold spell this winter. I can’t think how it would help it. I’d like to think it is true though, only as compensation for the bleak winter.

  5. Simon, it’s not been too hard. The only fuss was during the summer when every fly, moth or butterfly in the neighborhood wanted to lay its eggs on it. I did spend quite a long time picking caterpillars off it, but other than that they’ve just sat in the ground waiting to flower.

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