Posted by: flat_bob | November 1, 2008


Well, it’s been a while. I’ve been worrying about the allotment for the last couple of weeks, so much so that I was scared to visit it. Due to work commitments and a lack of motivation to tend the cabbages, which I don’t particularly like anyway, I hadn’t been to the allotment for ((((((six))))))) weeks. So in my mind the plot had been ransacked by looters, invaded by weeds and probably had a notice stapled to it telling me that I was being evicted. But today was sunny and I was driving past the plot, so I took a deep breath and went to take a look.

This may look a mess to you, but it’s a huge relief to me. OK, there are lots of weeds, but it’s all relative. No allotments look great in November, not unless you have too much time to spare on them. While there is plenty to do it is manageable. And at this time of year there is the added pleasure of knowing that any work done to tidy up the plot will keep it looking tidy until the spring.

Safe in the knowledge it was still there, I left my allotment and went back to the house. The digging will have to wait for a bit longer. But at least the fear has gone, and I absolutely will go back in the next couple of weeks to do some work on it. I promise.



  1. Sorry this probably isn’t the most appropriate place for this comment but I am trying to spread the message about the nationwide problems with contaminated manure. I hope you have heard about it – if not try this link to our website

    You may have already done this but I am afraid I haven’t had time to browse your website fully, but if not would you consider placing a warning on your website as this problem hasn’t gone away – contaminated manure could be in the system for a year or two yet even if the herbicide that has been temporarily withdrawn is never used again.

    Now is the time that many gardeners will be obtaining manure and anything we can do to prevent others from experiencing the problems faced this year is worth a try.

  2. Oh I do hope you get your enthusiasm back for your allotment. It looks very productive. Isnt it funny how we grow veg we dont really like!! I grew celariac, and I dont like them, nor celery, but I grew that too!! Tatty

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