Posted by: flat_bob | August 27, 2008

Dreaded Yellow Eggs

I really don’t want to turn this blog into a list of plant pests on my allotment, but the lepidopteran onslaught I am having to repel at the moment is absolutely outrageous. The first thing I do when I go to the allotment now is check the cabbages to pick off the caterpillars. No matter how many I picked off on my previous visit there are always more to keep me busy. So I’m become even more vigilant and trying to get to the eggs before they hatch out.

These yellow eggs have been laid by the large cabbage white butterfly (Pieris brassicae). They were quite easy to find as they had been laid on the upper side of the leaf. That’s right! The butterflies are getting so cocky they are laying their eggs in full view! Interestingly I have only found these eggs on the broccoli and not on the cabbages.

Just a few plants along the row and I came across these wiggling wrigglers.

They look like they have recently hatched out. Large cabbage white caterpillars eat their egg cases after they hatch which explains why there are none present on the photo. Luckily I got to these before they did any real damage.

Seeing all of the white butterflies at the allotment today it looks as though I’ll be picking and scraping the brassica leaves for a good while yet.



  1. I’m having terrible trouble with caterpillars too. Obviously the pigeon netting doesn’t work deter butterflies.

  2. It is a “good year” for cabbage whites – at least it is in my garden. (sigh)

  3. So it’s not just me then!

  4. No – its not just you – butterfly nets all round for Christmas I think.

  5. Hi Rob, I’m seeing large numbers of these around this year, I reckon it’s a virtual plague.


  6. I have such bad luck with brassicas!! They are more like trap crops for me, I always end up pulling them out before they’re ready just to get rid of the bugs!!

  7. […] itself). The seed for these plants were sown about this time last year, and it has taken a lot of love and care to get the plants to this stage. We really are reaping the benefits of last years hard work, which […]

  8. apparently if you make a soup of rhubarb leaves and water your plants with that it will stop the eggs being layed in the first place

  9. Hi everyone, For the first time I’ve planted veg in my garden. Bought myself a book on growing veg to make sure i got the basics right before i started. I have 2 raised beds like it say’s to have, thought it would be pretty straight forward hahaha…How wrong was i!!!! I have 7 cats so thought i should build a 6ft frame and put a very fine netting around and over the top of it to stop my cats using it as a litter box. To my amazment my cat’s have not taken any notice of it at all, but like a few of you i’m finding white butterfly eggs on my broccoli but not on my cabbages. I wanna know how the butterflies are getting in there in the first place?
    Annie šŸ™‚

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