Posted by: flat_bob | July 24, 2008

Raspberries Recover from Transplant

Keen readers will know that I shifted some raspberry canes back in March this year. They were in the way of the fence we were building. I didn’t expect to get any fruit from them this year as I thought they were tricky to grow and wouldn’t have liked the manhandling.

Well, apart from weeding around them I’ve done nothing to the raspberries since planing them, but to my surprise I’m getting quite a bit of fruit off them.

I’ve not put a cage around them so the birds have been nibbling, I wont be getting a big harvest. But there are enough there to pick one or two every time I go past.

The question is what to do with them now? Do I cut them back so they fruit again next year, do I only cut back the fruiting canes, or do I not cut at all? I’ll have to get the book out…



  1. You have done better than you mght have expected zafter the trasnsplant. We have had another poor crop. Now you need to cut all the old canes down to the ground and allow the new ones for next year to grow.

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