Posted by: flat_bob | July 23, 2008

Carrots, Straight and True

I’ve managed to grow carrots!

So OK, carrots are really cheap to buy in the supermarket, and they are much bigger and fatter than these. That’s not the point. Growing your own carrots which are straight, long, orange and devoid of any root-fly damage is harder than it seems. Last year we failed. So to be pulling these beauties out of the soil fills my heart with joy!

The raised bed with sieved soils and coffee groundings has been a success, thanks to the wet summer we have had so far. I haven’t been to the allotment as much as would have been necessary to water it had it been dry, so the regular rain has really helped. Time will tell if the root-fly does any damage before the carrots get big enough for a proper harvest, but so far so good.

These chaps are small. Success should not be measure against the produce in the supermarket but against the standards you set yourself. By my criteria, these carrots are first class!


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