Posted by: flat_bob | July 22, 2008

Forgotten Onions

I’d forgotten I’d planted these spring onions. They went in a few months ago and took a while to get going; during that time my mind moved onto other plants. But as I was glancing at the shallots I spied these bulging Alliums. It was a very pleasant surprise.

So into salads and stir-fry’s they go. Now that I’ve grown some spring onions I want to grow more. I’m putting little rows of spring onion seed into gaps vacated by other harvested veg. Anything that grows succesfully without any input by me is very welcome.



  1. How do you manage to get spring onions as big as that? Mine aren’t doing anything at all. I’m very envious 🙂

  2. Thanks easygardener. I had put manure on the soil in the spring, so that may account for their generous size. That and my fantastic gardening skills, of course!

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