Posted by: flat_bob | July 21, 2008

That Shallot

It is with great joy that I have dug up the shallots. The joy is because I doubted they would ever grow, but grow they did, and they grew well. For some reason that I cannot recall we planted the shallot sets far too deep in the soil. Subsequently they did not show for well over a month. We also worried that they were planted too early – they had to put up with the late frosts. Being so deep probably saved them from the frost but also kept them cooler for longer as the soil at depth takes longer to heat up. Anyway, they eventually popped their heads above the soil and have been growing happily ever since.

They’ve grown in the bed that we spread manure on in the spring. That seemed to have worked as they have pretty large bulbs. I dug them out at the weekend and have left them to dry out before taking them home.

The main onions are coming on well and will need pulling before too long. But for now these little chaps will do.


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