Posted by: flat_bob | May 3, 2008


Carrot Seedlings

I haven’t been down the allotment all week due to work. I was worried about the carrot seedlings which had just began to grow last weekend. I was worried because they have been put into the raised bed which dries up easily and so, without visiting the plot to water them, I feared they may have shrivelled up and died. Thankfully, as you can see, they are perfectly happy. I thinned them out a bit, watered them and covered them again with glass. I’ll pop down again on Monday to give them some more TLC.

Broccoli seedlings

More seedligns, of the brassica variety this time. Purple Sprouting Broccoli seedlings. These were only sowed two weeks ago and just look at them. I’ll prick them out shortly into individual pots. There are loads of them, but if we have the same luck this year as we had last year then we’ll need this many!



  1. I am very envious of your carrots, I never seem to have much luck with those.

    And your PSB looks good too. Is it too late to sow them?

  2. I can’t believe YOU have problems with carrots! I never have luck with them either – small and holey. Worth another try though. As for PSB, I failed with that last year also. Don’t know about timing – worth a try!

  3. Did you know that you are Blog of the Day at FMB? Fantastic.
    Getting a garden soon ourselves ……….. again. I may pop over to compare notes.

  4. I’m giving carrots one more go this year and they’d better do something or I’m giving up for good. Even with all the rain last year mine were still small and riddled with carrot fly.
    Hope you have better luck!

  5. I’ve planted 3 packets of carrot seeds this year and so far I have about 4 seedlings to show for my trouble. If they actually make it to maturity they’ll be the most expensive carrots ever!

  6. […] than the stuff in the supermarket (which is pretty good itself). The seed for these plants were sown about this time last year, and it has taken a lot of love and care to get the plants to this stage. We really are reaping the […]

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